Refinery Piping

Production, storage, processing, refining and transfer of liquids and gases are critical parts of doing business in the oil and gas industry. Due to the potential environmental impact and the value of the materials, asset integrity is crucial. We help operators address all types of integrity issues through diagnostic inspections and holistic integrity management programs. We combine our engineering competence with state-of-the-art technology to ensure operators comply with regulations and continue safe operations.

Two experts in front of a piping system and a pressure vessel, one of them pointing in one direction, the other holding a walkie-talkie.

Enabling fast identification and assessment

Piping system integrity is crucial to a sustainable performance. Internal and external corrosion, cracking, mechanical and metallurgical damage, weld quality and leaking valves are just a few examples of the many potential threats. We are a leading piping inspection provider, setting up piping inspection programs and new technologies to protect piping assets through rapid reaction time and commitment to service.

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Safe and efficient in compliance with regulations

The services we provide confirm full compliance with applicable codes (eg. API 570, API 1188) and standards. Our qualified engineering staff can also provide API 579 Fitness for Service piping assessments and compliance checks based on our customer's requirements. We use a variety of technologies for component inspections, such as pipe supports and pipe bodies, and QA/QC repair scoping to ensure safe and efficient piping systems for the next operating interval.

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Deliverables – traceable, verifiable, recorded

After inspecting piping systems, we provide easily accessible and comprehensive support to ensure that the piping system runs within its operating parameters until the next inspection date, as well as minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring compliance with regulations:

  • Overview of the piping system condition, including recommended inspection intervals and next inspection date
  • Indication of remaining asset life based on pipe design and inspection codes
  • Recommended actions to bring the piping system into compliance with inspection and assessment codes, e.g. repairs, re-rating, maintenance

With our holistic approach, evergreening is paramount as all inspection drawings are systematically kept up to date with minimal effort. 

Enhance piping integrity

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