The volume of gathering and upstream pipelines that require integrity management is growing annually. To ensure consistent product delivery these assets are not able to be shut down for long periods of time, or at all. To gather necessary data, an inspection with fast turnaround is required to identify risks.

ROSEN’s Upstream Service addresses this increasingly relevant challenge with a fleet of unidirectional free-swimming and unidirectional and bidirectional tethered in-line inspection services for 3-16 inch diameter pipelines (larger diameters are available on request). To address the need for speed, final reporting is available within 24 hours of inspection. Robust and proven technologies and evaluation techniques ensures no loss of reporting quality.  

Key Advantages

  • Final reporting is available in less than 24 hours meaning integrity management decisions can be made immediately.
  • Dedicated personnel for upstream services ensures availability of trained technicians and expedited reporting timelines.
  • ROSEN owned and operated wireline units eliminates the need for additional contractors, hereby decreasing time from initial inquiry to inspection.
  • All tools are equipped with MFL-A, Caliper, and IMU measurement technologies for optimized defect detection and sizing.
  • Inspection tools are customized per pipeline characteristics in order to ensure successful inspection.
  • Integrity engineering support after in-line inspection allows for further use of collected data for continuous integrity management.
  • Full compliance with all codes and regulations.

The Solution

Cleaning and inspection services are performed on-site with all equipment provided by ROSEN for a quick turnaround and for as many pipelines as needed. ROSEN’s upstream solution is focused on selecting the correct equipment needed for any asset. Utilizing combined technologies, designed for precision, reliability and durability that include magnetic flux leakage measurement, geometry measurement and mapping technologies. Their robust features ensure improved inspection performance at lower pressures and maximize operational uptime. From the initial request, to quick turnaround, dependable technology, and short reporting timelines, operators are able to maximize the efficiency of field crews, and have the asset fully operational in the shortest timeline.

The fast turnaround reporting is powered by ROSEN's proprietary AutoData™ algorithm. AutoDataTM generates complete results in hours while minimizing the human error. Visual recognition algorithms identify and cluster anomalies and installations while automatically eliminating false calls. Integrated machine learning ensures a continuous improvement process with each completed evaluation.

A complete Upstream Service Report summarizes all activities and results of the operator’s assets and can be delivered within 24 hours. All involved technicians are ASNT ILI-PQ-2017 level two certified or higher.

The Benefit

Our Upstream Service is available throughout Canada. Based out of Calgary we are able to offer a quick turnaround service with mobilizations within 7 days of request of inspection.

The Upstream Service offers a complete diagnostic solution with reporting available within 24 hours, depending on the specific service. ROSEN’s advanced AutoData™ algorithm enables assessment of all results in depth on-site with the opportunity to dig up critical defects.

The Upstream Service is reliable and repeatable. The availability of personnel and equipment, combined with automation, ensures getting the most out of your asset’s lifecycle.