key advantages

  • Improved sizing accuracy and probability of identification by combining complementary inspection technologies and aligned data sets
  • Improved characterization of interacting defects, e.g. gouging/denting, corrosion/cracks in dents
  • Cost-effectiveness and reduction of operational risks by limiting onsite activities, e.g. launching, receiving and tool tracking   
  • Reduced impact on pipeline operations

The Solution

ROSEN provides a variety of different and well-established inspection technologies to address a multitude of threats. Our modular design allows for unlimited combinations of our individual services. The modularity is supported by standardized mechanics and electronics interfaces.
Multiple inspection data is input for our combined data analysis using synergy effects of the independent and complementary nature of the measurements. Using a well-structured and certified process our analysts provide the required high-quality reports on time.
Our reporting and data management software ensures easy data visualization and facilitates a versatile use of inspection results.

Service Options

  • Cleaning – operational and pre inspection
  • Speed Control – inspection at high flow rates
  • Multi-Diameter – pipelines with varying diameter
  • Offshore – long distance, heave wall and high pressure
  • Field Verification – 3D LaserScan, MPI, phased array UT
  • Integrity – RBI, FFP, CGA, dent strain and stress analysis, crack assessment API 579
  • NIMA – Asset Integrity Management Software