Ammonia – Precursor for Green Transformation

Today ammonia is one of the most widely produced chemicals in the world. As feedstock for the production of fertilizers its role is already essential for the chemical industry. Beyond that ammonia has the potential to play a significant role in the energy transition by providing a versatile and carbon-free energy carrier that can help to decarbonize various sectors.

Its ability to store and transport renewable hydrogen over long distances makes ammonia a precursor and central to the green transformation of industries and thus the success of the energy transition. The good news is: In the form of pressurized liquefied gas ammonia can be transported in existing infrastructure such as pipelines.

A landscape with wind turbines and pipeline markings in the foreground.

Ammonia transportation needs experienced partners

Ammonia is often transported as a pressurized liquified gas and enables operators to access the full portfolio of measurement technologies for in-line inspection. Our expertise in integrity management with appropriate inspection technologies stands for your service and is key to your conversion project.

We support pipeline operators in the process of converting their pipelines to ammonia pipelines. Our overall approach addresses all necessary elements of the asset care loop to safely convert your grids and to operate them efficiently.

We meet your asset's needs

In addition to general pipeline integrity risks, specific threats associated with ammonia pipelines are principally related with the potential corrosive nature of ammonia and its toxic nature, hence the consequences of an unplanned release must be considered. Internal stress corrosion cracking is a known issue for ammonia pressure spheres and is therefore a credible threat for ammonia pipelines.

We recommend a good and consistent process control and understanding of the external loading as well as materials including welding processes and procedures applied, and potential initiation points. All these aspects are important to manage the ammonia related threats effectively within a holistic approach.

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We know how to detect the potential threats of ammonia

Our broad portfolio of inspection technologies and our deep understanding of ammonia allows to gather information on ammonia related threats and defects for your integrity management of pipelines.

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