Pipeline Monitoring and Testing

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Not all integrity threats require immediate response. Many of the issues that are identified will not cause safety or reliability issues in the short term. However, they should not be ignored. The selection and implementation of monitoring will ensure that action can be taken when it is appropriate and cost-effective. Pipeline monitoring and testing is relevant for a comprehensive asset solutions approach.

Asset integrity monitoring

Monitoring is generally planned and a review of monitoring activities is a part of most audits that check integrity management system performance. Our integrity experts work with operators to define appropriate monitoring approaches and when relevant help to deliver the required monitoring. Examples include:

  • Internal monitoring: Flow rate, dew point, pressure, temperature, inhibitor injection rate, biocide injection, product composition, and pig debris analysis.
  • External monitoring: Cathodic protection test posts, transformer rectifier output, above ground surveys, strain gauges, inclinometers, repeat IMU inspections, rainfall, and river flow.
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Process optimization monitoring 

Another aspect of monitoring and the 'check' element of the comprehensive asset solutions approach addresses continuous improvement. Here, we focus on maximizing productivity at optimized costs and within the context of monitoring. This can include training qualification and competency monitoring and development as well as communication and consultation.

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We believe that thorough testing and laboratory analysis provides data, improves understanding, and provides the knowledge needed to support you in making the right choices when operating pipelines.  

Find the right monitoring approach for your asset

We offer various inspection and consultancy services that help to deliver the required monitoring for your unique asset.