Pipeline Risk Management

Asset integrity loop with the words "Plan", "Do", "Check", "Act", "Set" with "Plan" colored in green.

Regulators, investors and insurers expect operators to take a risk-based approach to asset management. Making asset management decisions based on a clear understanding of the risks involved is proven best practice for cost-effective safe operation. We help pipeline operators implement pipeline risk management processes that prioritize controlling the most significant threats and mitigating the worst consequences.

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Qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methods

The combination of both qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methods and our expertise in associated disciplines, such as corrosion management and stress analysis, will help you better understand acceptable, tolerable and unacceptable levels of risk, evaluate risk levels, prioritize threats, determine risk control measures, and optimize the integrity management process.

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We offer long-term consultancy, support, and training to achieve industry best practice. Our phased approach can be customized to your situation allowing you to start with the basics and move to state of the art as data, knowledge and capability grow. Ultimately delivering a holistic overview of your pipeline condition and risk level for optimal decision support.

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