Providing a complete service to our clients to help them achieve high performance and safe operation is our highest priority. Testing and laboratory analysis provides invaluable information to understand failures, and validate performance. That is why we place particular importance on the topic of testing – particularly service, product and component testing. We have established testing facilities to deliver a wide range of routine and customized testing services for various industries, but also for validation of our own technologies and products. Our ongoing investments in our testing capabilities are part of our operational business to contribute to the safe operation and performance of critical assets. 

View from above on a part of the test field in Lingen, many pipelines are lined up next to each other.

Discover our test centers

Our test center locations offer different modifications, machines and equipment, which allows us to specialize in different areas.

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Two employees wearing protective goggles stand in a corridor of a laboratory and look together at a clipboard.

Connecting the dots

For us, testing is a crucial element of a holistic approach to ensure asset integrity. That is why our engineers place particular emphasis on comprehensive consultation to find out what the client's goals are and to define the right testing procedures to achieve these goals together. To do so, an interdisciplinary collaboration between integrity engineers, developers and testing engineers is essential to take different perspectives into account. Every testing project is a consultancy project, unique in itself. The testing itself is embedded in a data driven approach, which includes clear goal definition, design of experiments and implementation of the outcome.

From virtual models to remaining life prediction

We develop solutions using virtual models and first prototypes, validate essential variables by testing under realistic conditions, and demonstrate or verify the performance of a product, service or component. The wide range of testing capabilities makes it possible to give suppliers and operators the needed reassurance in the predicted life and integrity of products, services and assets. All this contributes to effective integrity management and ultimately achieving zero incidents of our client's assets.