ROSEN in Asia Pacific

Servicing this unique region locally means better understanding your needs. The diversity of Asia Pacific calls for a variety of solutions for comprehensive asset integrity. This location is responsible for the maintenance, set-up, and reconfiguration of all locally implemented in-line inspection tools, as well as the data analysis of geometry data, magnetic flux leakage, ultrasound, eddy current, and EMAT.

Made for the region

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Dedicated local employees

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Years of established business operation in the region

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First-run success

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Final reports delivered annually

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Zero incident culture

As focusing on pipeline safety, we proudly uphold the culture of ‘Safety First, Safety Always’. With various HSE recognitions and awards, including the 1000 Goal Zero Days Recognition, we have demonstrated our capabilities in providing a safe and conducive work environment. This clearly establishes our position as provider of innovative, progressive and reliable solutions to the industry.

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Focus on hydrogen

Especially our Australian locations attach great importance on the topic of energy transitions. We have dedicated solutions for assets conversion as well as asset integrity for hydrogen pipeline and testing facilities for the effects of hydrogen on pipeline.

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More than 30 years of regional experience

Since 1993, we have made a concerted effort to aid the industry with asset integrity management. Our local experts are equipped with firsthand knowledge of this region's unique geographical topography allowing us to serve our clients with the best solutions. To date, we have played an important role in the execution of approximately 300,000 kilometers of pipeline inspection projects.

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Social responsibility and sustainability

Our regional locations have been powered by solar energy in order to achieve net zero emissions and green energy production. We value and appreciate the uniqueness of each culture, as our team consists of many different nationalities. We have accomplished various activities as a dedication in giving back to the community. 

Local leadership

Floris Verhagen

Vice President, Business Resourcing and Collaboration

Hernando Caceres

Vice President, Business Execution

Open positions in Asia Pacific

Become a part of a team where your talents can be put to good use, where your ideas make a difference. Experienced professional or a recent graduates, working at ROSEN in Asia Pacific could be a challenging and rewarding next step for you.

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Locations in Asia Pacific

H.Rosen Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

H. Rosen Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is an operating unit within the ROSEN Group that is responsible for servicing clients in South East Asia. H. Rosen Engineering Sdn. Bhd. also serves as a regional headquarter for management and support functions. All offices in the Asia Pacific region are interconnected on working for all projects as and when required.

ROSEN Australia Pty Ltd., Perth, Australia

ROSEN Australia Pty. Ltd. is an operating unit within the ROSEN Group responsible for servicing clients in Oceania, Korea and Japan.

ROSEN Australia Pty Ltd., Branch Office in Melbourne, Australia

ROSEN Australia Pty. Ltd has a branch established in Melbourne to be able to serve the Eastern part of Australia.

ROSEN Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

ROSEN Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is an operating unit within the ROSEN Group responsible for servicing clients in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

ROSEN India Private Ltd.

The ROSEN Group has an office in Mumbai. ROSEN India Private Ltd. is responsible for the promotion of ROSEN Group products and services in India.