Testing Approach 

Our unwavering goal is to provide asset owners and operators with the data-driven insights that will ensure sustainable performance and safety, no matter how harsh the environment. But how? By thorough, comprehensive and appropriate testing. Testing is where theory meets reality, providing confidence in predictions and future performance. We design and execute tests to match the full range of in-service conditions, both operational and environmental, followed by a detailed analysis of results.

With static and dynamic loading, extreme temperatures and pressures, and environmental exposure we have every scenario covered. Innovative sensors, data recording, and microscopy ensures that operational performance is fully understood.

Phases of Testing

We will meet any testing requirement where considerations regarding safety, durability and cost are key. We evaluate products, devices and services empirically, starting early in the design process, thus establishing their suitability for purpose. This usually applies directly to products in development as a preparation for launch in the market.

In addition to bespoke testing we qualify products against industry standards which require testing for performance over time, under pressure and in other simulated environmental circumstances.

Illustration showing phases in which we test for ourselves and offer tests to customers and partners.

Testing as essential part of integrity frameworks

Our testing approach is not limited to the life cycle of products and services. We also know that testing is a key element of asset integrity management. Testing components taken from, or representative of, specific assets provide an unequivocal demonstration of the conservatism of an assessment approach, and an in-depth understanding of potential failure mechanisms. For example, fatigue and burst testing pipe containing crack-like defects removes many uncertainties in condition assessment.

Testing the possibilities and limits of repurposing

As the energy transition gathers pace, driven by climate change, technologies such as hydrogen production and carbon capture and storage are gaining ground. Pipeline operators have to think about safely repurposing their existing pipeline infrastructure to transport future fuels. One crucial element that needs to be addressed is the suitability of existing materials for these new fluids. Testing provides the understanding and confidence in future performance that operators need.

Illustration consisting of 3 cornerstones (Validation, Uncertainty and Traceability) which all have something in common, which is in the middle (reliable results).

Testing for certainty and verification, validation and ensuring traceability

Any project, big or small, carries uncertainty. Our mission is to reduce the uncertainty as far as reasonably possible and generate traceability with reliable results. In many cases standard testing is not applicable or useful. This is where our many years of relevant experience come into play. We will build what we need to make tests work, and we will apply the same rigor to quality control, regardless of whether the test is routine or customized.

Shot from inside a pipeline of an employee looking at the inner surface.

Face-to-face with every challenge

Regardless of whether your asset is flexible or rigid, exposed to humidity, salt or soil – we put our expertise and our theories into practice in the natural world where reality bites. In service, assets must work under high pressure and harsh environmental conditions which is why we simulate operational and real-life conditions – specifically tailored to the situation of each customer.

Light blue eye at the left edge of the image from which a network is indicated by light blue shining dots and strokes running to the center of the image in front of a dark blue background.

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