Balvinder joined the ROSEN family last year as a Technical Solutions Specialist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To him, ROSEN’s culture is a harmonization of teams and departments. “In terms of the working culture, ROSEN has a harmonized working culture. We have a great team here.” Adding to that, he said what is even more impressive is that the great teamwork applies to all teams within the company. At ROSEN, all teams, regardless of their fields, can work together in harmony, and the synergy between them is something he really appreciates.


On top of the great teamwork, Balvinder also said that the e-learning opportunities offered by ROSEN help not only him but other colleagues dive deep into relevant industry topics. The unique e-learning platform allows all employees to learn as much as they want at their own pace. “It is like ROSEN’s own mini-university,” he added. He is positive this opportunity will have a great impact on the employees, as they have unlimited access to study a variety of topics.


As a proud father of two, Balvinder enjoys running, hiking, cat rescuing and travelling. As much as he loves doing these activities, he also has been involved in community service.