Nithin currently works at ROSEN United Arab Emirates as a receptionist. He joined ROSEN almost ten years ago and holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce. Apart from his day-to-day front office tasks, he handles particular HR-related inquiries, such as issuance and renewals of employees’ licenses and visas, insurance and immigration issues, legal formalities, and looking after our UAE facility to ensure its alignment with policies and regulations..


The thing that appeals to him the most about ROSEN is the multicultural environment. Working and living in the UAE means interacting with different people from various backgrounds and nationalities. In his opinion, this element of being multinational is also reflected in the ROSEN culture and contributes a lot to the other positive values that once encouraged him to join ROSEN in the first place.

One insight into his personal life is that he likes spending his leisure time camping with his friends. In addition, he is interested in a number of sports, including soccer, cricket and pool.