ROSEN Middle East FZEs activities are divided across various departments: Field Inspection Survey, Maintenance, Data Evaluation, Logistics and Service Coordination.
Field Inspection Survey is responsible for on-site activities such as tool launching, receiving and tracking while inspecting the pipelines. This department includes qualified survey      engineers and crew technicians.
Maintenance is responsible for tool-related activities such as mechanical and electronic assembly, tool preparations and final testing.
Data Evaluation covers assessment of the  measurements and data retrieved during inspections.
Logistics looks after the shipping activities and material stock and purchasing activities.
Service Coordination includes the project managers and administrators who work directly with clients to help ROSEN Middle East FZE meet their needs and requirements.
ROSEN Middle East FZE also has a management function that includes vital departments such as Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, QHSE, Best Practice and Technical Advisors.

Facts & Figures

ROSEN Middle East FZE  is located in a highly developed free zone that has its own seaport. Ease of access to the port and special status for direct foreign investment makes Jebel Ali Free Zone an attractive place to do business. ROSEN Dubai operates as a completely independent company, working under the rules and regulations of the United Arab Emirates, in line with international business laws.
ROSEN Middle East FZE is a very employee-friendly company and the working atmosphere is one of the best. Having employees from 11 different nations makes for a truly global workplace.

Living and working in Dubai

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