It is our aim to promote educational activities for children, adolescents and students in the fields of science, technology and innovation. We seek to provide a supportive and lasting contribution to the education and promotion of young talent.

In addition to the annually granted scholarships, the ROSEN Group supports various additional activities together with ROYOUTH, our non-profit initiative for youths, which promotes the education of young talent. We participate in regional educational events such as the Management Information Game, a business planning game for high school students in which the students are tasked with creating and managing fictional companies in a competition lasting one week, outside of their everyday school activities. Furthermore, we promote the younger students, for example with the “Jugend forscht/Schüler experementieren” event, a German youth science competition at which several students develop and present their own research projects in the field of MINT (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology). Here, we provide support to the young researchers in the preparation of their projects, and donate special awards for extraordinary creative and innovative projects. The competition jury also includes numerous ROSEN experts.

We also regularly welcome students for facility tours. We introduce them to our company as well as the working world, and establish a network from which they can profit later. At the Girls’ & Boys’ Day or the Student Academy of a regional high school for instance, students have an opportunity to be introduced to our market and technologies, as well as our research and development capabilities, and to make initial contact with our colleagues. Individual mentoring is another of our offerings. Choosing from multiple job options is not always easy, especially at the age before entering the workforce. Together with ROYOUTH, we provide assistance with and insights into certain fields of expertise.