Company Direction

With our goal to be the leader in the businesses we serve, it is our primary aim to add value to our customers’ operations and contribute to their sustained success. Ultimately, we focus on providing solutions that secure our customers' assets and at the same time a sustainable future.

Straight, foggy road in the morning with a view from above.

Our ambition: Be the global leader in the businesses we are in

Our ambition defines our overarching corporate goal and sets clear objectives to lead us to the finish line. Applying these objectives makes us the global leader in the business we are in. By providing leading technological solutions and driving continuous future growth, market leadership and operational excellence, we can generate sustainable impact and become a valued and preferred partner for our clients.

Diagnostic Solutions and Decision Support for Comprehensive Asset Integrity Management

The foundation of our strategy is to provide our customers with innovative solutions for current and future market needs. Across all our businesses, the basic principle is to transform the latest technology into customer-oriented advanced services and products designed for harsh environments. We deliver integrity and performance optimization of technical infrastructure for the oil and gas, future fuels, mining and offshore industries.

Data-driven technologies for a sustainable future

By harnessing the power of data, we can achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. As a data-driven technology group, it is a key part of our strategy to drive innovation and solve complex customer challenges with cutting-edge technologies while achieving a sustainable impact to protect people and the environment.