Future-proofing your asset

Proper asset care means ensuring its integrity and performance at all times. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the asset’s current and predicted future condition, as well as actions to ensure sustainable, safe, efficient, and reliable operation for many years to come. To achieve this sophisticated solutions for planning, inspection, maintenance, and monitoring are vital.

Offshore Loop

While all of these four areas are intimately interconnected, and related activities can happen at any point in an asset’s lifecycle, a typical flow of action can be identified:
In the planning phase, detailed, individual asset integrity management (AIM) strategies are defined on the basis of e.g. system audits or risk-based analysis. In a next step, external and internal inspection solutions provide accurate and reliable data, the prerequisite for precise information on the asset’s condition. This, in turn, enables the development of effective maintenance programs. Finally, the information gained from inspection and maintenance facilitates targeted monitoring, leading to a demonstrably well-maintained asset.

During each phase of this flow of asset care activities, three factors play an important role as they are conditional for any operation and impact their quality significantly.
Constant training and qualification of all personnel ensures their overall competence, thereby increasing the efficiency of all operations.
High-performance digital solutions for data alignment and evaluation preserve the value of any data gathered for future decision-making.
Expert engineering consultancy ensures that questions can be answered and uncertainties minimized, thus providing crucial information for every phase of AIM.

Understanding the challenges you are facing, ROSEN offers innovative solutions for all the many facets of asset care.

Offshore Services


Well-informed decisions about the future of your asset

Our integrity experts possess decades of experience in managing the integrity status of offshore assets. The inspection and assessment projects that we have performed around the world, with operators of all sizes, gives us unique insights into what works and what does not. We can audit existing systems to identify gaps in order to help define and implement a best practice which enables operators to achieve effective and sustainable asset management.


Comprehensive inspection solutions

We offer a wide variety of external and internal inspection solutions for pipelines, flexibles, structures, and pressure equipment. Combining sensitivity with durability and reliability, our in-house developed and manufactured inspection systems deliver accurate and repeatable results, even under the harshest conditions.


Optimizing flow while ensuring safe operation

We know that optimal flow is the single most important prerequisite for efficient pipeline operation. We combine state-of-the-art flow modeling with decades of practical experience to help operators develop proactive cleaning programs and strategies that are best-suited for their specific purposes. Additionally, our cleaning services are able to collect valuable data regarding the type, volume, or nature of debris removed, and catalogue it for future use. This provides operators with tangible information on the effectiveness of the cleaning program, and the feasibility of a subsequent inspection.


Effective and efficient long-term integrity management

Although an inspection provides knowledge about an asset’s current integrity status, some findings from an ILI that may be classified as ‘critical’ may not be severe enough to merit immediate mitigation. In these cases, precise and reliable monitoring that is targeted to previously identified defects is of great benefit to the operator. The detailed, real-time information collected by these monitoring systems enables the operator to immediately make critical asset management decisions.

Offshore Services

Training and Qualification

An increasing number of senior, and therefore experienced, staff are dropping out of the industry due to retirement, and well-trained, but inexperienced, professionals are taking over in their place. This means that companies must ensure a proper knowledge transfer between the departing and the succeeding generations. ROSEN supports operators with the training and qualification of their personnel by sharing the expertise we have acquired in decades of serving the offshore oil and gas sector. We provide well-structured learning programs, made by practitioners for practitioners, that focus on the acquisition of different skillsets, subject knowledge, and practical experience. A Qualification Panel made up of industry leaders, who have strong links with education institutions, certify our qualifications as meeting the required industry standards.

Digital Solutions

Good decisions require reliable information which in turn relies on good quality data. Data is generated constantly, by monitoring and inspection, but important historical data is also available in multiple legacy formats. With a history of generating vast quantities of data and working with assets that may be over 100 years old, we are adept at digitizing, storing, aligning and manipulating data to make sure that the full value can be realized in risk assessments, engineering evaluations, and management planning. Our cutting-edge integrity management software, developed in collaboration with our customers world-wide, allows large volumes of data to be processed and evaluated both quickly and efficiently.

Engineering Consultancy

Our specialized, multidisciplinary integrity management team, led by more than 30 world-class principals, has unrivalled expertise. They specialize in fields as diverse as data management, welding, stress analysis, corrosion, fracture mechanics, risk, geographic information systems, safety, coatings, reliability, testing, materials, and inspection. This world-wide team is ready to help with system development, inspection plans, and engineering evaluation to ensure enhanced performance and extended asset life.