Key Advantages

  • Digital Data Management – information available at all times
  • Automated Dashboard – KPIs at a glance
  • Understanding the pipeline’s debris profile
  • Confirming cleaning run effectiveness

The Solution

The Cleaning Analytics Service (CAS) provides an end-to-end solution for collecting, processing and analyzing cleaning data. An easy-to-use app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) is used to collect data at the launcher and receiver without the need for an internet connection. Once an internet connection is available, the previously collected and stored data is uploaded to a ROSEN online database (Online Repository) for storage and dashboard visualization.

CAS follows a two-level approach:

Level 1 – Basic Assessment:
Data such as pipeline operating conditions, trap conditions, used tool configuration, post-run tool condition, debris type and volume, cup/disk wear, gauge plate measurements, and photographic evidence is collected in the field via the app and uploaded to the ROSEN Online Repository. Featuring a dashboard of predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) and automatically generated reports, this database provides a comprehensive overview of all cleaning runs performed so operators can get a quick overview of their data and draw their own conclusions.

Level 2 – Enhanced Assessment:
In addition to Level 1, intelligent cleaning tools containing a Pipeline Data Logger (PDL) are also used. The purpose: to capture more-detailed information, such as differential pressure in the pipeline, flow velocities, temperature profile and tool rotation. ROSEN experts then analyze the captured data and identify trends, evaluate the efficiency of the cleaning campaign and offer opportunities for improvement. They can also provide recommendations on run frequencies and tool configurations, and they can conduct proactive flow-assurance modeling.


Never Lose Information Again
This service enables pipeline operators to easily collect cleaning data digitally and have it available in a ROSEN online database. Once uploaded, the data is available at all times – one place for all captured cleaning data, regardless of the number of pipelines or the number of runs performed. Never waste time searching for folders or files again – simply filter the data you are looking for.

Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness
By analyzing the captured data using the dashboard, judgements can be made about the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning campaigns. It also makes it possible to identify optimization needs and enables users to make the right decisions on cleaning tool configuration and cleaning campaigns. This will ultimately improve throughput, cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.

Increased First Run Success
Knowledge of the pipeline conditions provides a higher level of confidence that a line is ready for further in-line inspections, ultimately increasing first-run success rates.