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key advantages

  • Re-evaluation capabilities on raw inspection data
  • Presentation of all inspection results using images, tables and symbols, as well as the creation of lists and graphs for each individual inspection
  • Defect processing (edit, delete, add)
  • Computation of key safety features such as ERF and PSafe based on various assessment codes (ASME B31-G, RSTRENG, DNV, Kastner,…)
  • Option to recalculate the interaction of defects based on multiple industrially accepted codes or according to in-house rules
  • Reintegration of repair activities with dimensions, documents and images
  • Extensive printing and export options (e.g. to existing GIS applications, batch processing when printing)
  • Re-clustering regarding different industrial accepted codes

The Solution

ROSOFT for Pipelines provides easy data integration, viewing, reporting and analysis capabilities in order to get a clear picture of the pipeline’s condition.

The pipeline based software consists of three main user components (ROSOFT Reporting, ROSOFT Maps, ROSOFT 3D Pipe) and a set of supporting administrative tools (Line Manager, Backup Manager, Security). In addition, the software applications are multilingual and well supported with a user friendly context-sensitive help system and experienced support personnel to answer your questions.

ROSOFT for Pipelines is handed out to the customer along with ROSEN’s final report.