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key advantages

  • Tank inspection results reported as part of the API-653 or EEMUA-159 compliant inspection service
  • Documentation of maintenance and repair activities based on API and ISO requirements
  • Presentation of tank bottom metal loss, settlement, ovality and tilt
  • User can define required repair patches and easily manipulate their placement and location using drag-and-drop functionality
  • Automatic detection and notification for oversized patches
  • Display of estimated weld length and patch area
  • Continuous updating of anomaly statistics during “virtual repair” process

The Solution

The program provides easy data integration, viewing, reporting, analysis and assessment capabilities to provide a clear picture of a tanks condition. Therefore, planning and decision making of tank integrity and maintenance activities can be done in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

ROSOFT for Tanks is handed out to the customer along with ROSEN’s final report.