For many industries, storage of liquids and gases are a critical part of their business. The potential for environmental impact and the value of the stored materials mean that the integrity of storage facilities is crucial.

ROSEN helps operators address all kinds of integrity questions through diagnostic inspections and holistic integrity management programs. Our extensive expertise, the state-of-the-art services, and software help to minimize risk and increase the lifetime of storage facilities.

Tank Integrity

Services for Tanks

Tank integrity can be a major concern. Our global on-site support team offers fast, and complete Inspection & Integrity service support that reduces out-of-service costs.

ROSEN assesses tank integrity based on our customer specific requirements and local regulations. An on-site support team conducts a comprehensive evaluation, describing the measures required to achieve safe and compliant tank operation well into the future. The service includes on- or ofstream assessment to code (API 653/EEMUA 159/STI), tank bottom inspection using ROSEN’s Tank Bottom Inspection Tool (TBIT), code-based compliance checks that incorporate all required measurements, API 579 Fitness for Service tank assessment, and a detailed repair plan (QA/QC).
Tank Integrity Services Range

  • Fitness for Service assessment (API 579)
  • Tank assessment (API 653/EEMUA 159/STI SP001)
  • UT phased-array (PA), B-/C-Scan and spot measurement
  • Handheld 3D corrosion scanning
  • Scanning asset structures by 3D laser
  • Tank bottom corrosion assessment
  • Hold point inspection
  • Post repair inspection
  • Historic data collection
  • Tank repair plan
  • Risk-based assessment (API 580,581/EEMUA 159-2)
  • Repair scoping
  • Quality assurance and control (QA/QC)
  • Tank engineering assessment services
  • Tank Calibration



Piping Integrity

Services for Piping Inspection

Piping system integrity is crucial for sustainable performance. External and internal corrosion, cracking, mechanical and metallurgical damage, weld quality and leaking valves all serve as potential threats. We are a leading partner in pipeline inspection, setting up piping inspection programs and new technologies, to protect our customers piping equipment with fast reaction time and a commitment to service.

Qualified ROSEN personnel perform comprehensive API 579 Fitness for Service piping assessments and compliance checks based on our customers requirements and in complete accordance with applicable codes (e.g. API 570, API 2611) and standards. We use a variety of technologies to inspect components (supports, body, e. g.), along with QA/QC repair scoping to ensure a safe, efficient piping system for the next operational interval.


  • Piping Assessment (API 570/API 2611)
  • Fitness for Service Assessment (API 579)
  • Corrosion Screening (EMAT IFSE CIRC/AXUS)
  • Corrosion Mapping (EMAT IFSE CIRC/AXUS)
  • Long Range UT (LRUT) Inspection
  • UT time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
  • UT phased-array (PA)
  • UT B-/C-Scan
  • UT Spot Measurement
  • Corrosion Scanning and Asset Structures by laser
  • Radiography
  • Historic Data Collection
  • Risk-based Assessment (API 580,581/EEMUA 159-2)
  • Repair Scoping
  • Corrosion Under Pipe Support inspection - CUPS (EMAT IFSE CIRC/AXUS)
  • Generation of Isometric Drawing
  • Handheld 3D Corrosion Scanning



Services for Pressure Vessels

Codes and regulations to ensure the safety and integrity of pressure vessels are common challenges around the world. We help our customers remain vigilant, performing regular status checks on the assets involved.

All of ROSEN’s comprehensive integrity assessments are conducted by highly trained experts and are guaranteed to remain valid up to and beyond inspection dates. Our compliance checks and assessments are run according to code (API 510, ASME or PED). Our component inspection
is supported by a variety of advanced NDT technologies, including UT, LRUT, laser scanning, and EMAT for nonaccessible areas. Other services include repair scoping and QA/QC for repairs and alternation.


  • Fitness for Service assessment (API 579)
  • Pressure vessel assessment (API 510/ASME/PED)
  • Corrosion screening (EMAT IFSE-CIRC/AXUS)
  • Corrosion mapping (EMAT IFSE-CIRC/AXUS)
  • UT time of flght diffaction (TOFD)
  • UT phased-array (PA) · UT B-/C-Scan
  • UT spot measurement
  • Scanning asset structures by 3D laser
  • Historic data collection · Repair scoping
  • Corrosion / support inspection (EMAT IFSE-CIRC/AXUS)

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