At ROSEN we comprehend that asset care is much more than a simple inspection. We know it is a comprehensive understanding of an asset's current and predicted condition. We realize that to ensure sustainable, safe, efficient, and reliable operation, action is required. Ultimately, the goal of asset care is to prevent failures and incidents. To ensure the safety of the public and the environment, to avoid unnecessary repairs and interruptions in operation, and to extend the lifetime of an asset — we help the operator achieve zero incidents.

'Empowered by Technology' we approach the components of asset care, operational efficiency, diagnostics, and integrity, by understanding the needs of the industry and continuously innovating solutions to provide the optimal response.

Optimal Performance

The reliability of industrial assets is becoming more and more critical. Given the current market situation and the increased focus on any asset, safe and efficient operation is key. Operational efficiency is achieved through object-specific cleaning and inhibitor application solutions. ROSEN's large spectrum of products and services enables us to become the ideal partner for achieving optimal performance.

Collecting Data for Intelligence

To best understand the current condition of an asset, at ROSEN we apply state-of-the-art methods and technologies to provide precise information about material properties, loads, metal loss, and geometric deformations. Various threats must be addressed and identified, depending on the asset type, type of threat, and operational condition different technologies and approaches are required. The wide-range of expertise found at ROSEN allows for specialists in all needed fields to address all possible threats. This data can then be applied to creating an understanding for the predicted condition of an asset.

Trusted Expertise

Comprehensive asset care does not stop with operational efficiency activities and the collection of data. It integrates these results from several years to identify behavioral patterns and trends to predict, amongst others, lifetime of assets. This is what comprises the integrity component. At ROSEN we are proud to host one of the largest integrity engineering teams in the industry with several hundred years of combined project experience.