No such thing as a perfect pipeline

Perfectly straight and clean pipelines would theoretically render perfect run behavior for pipeline inspection. But, there is no such thing.

Gas pipelines have a variety of factors that can contribute to poor inspection run behavior resulting in low data quality. Although there are a variety of occurrences, the number one enemy to data quality are speed excursions. These can be caused by:

Figure 1 – Factors for low data quality

Velocity Profiles without Peaks and Valleys in Data Quality

ROSEN’s solutions for the inspection of gas pipelines reduces the impact of these factors to improve overall run behavior and inherently improve data quality. With the reduction of speed excursion comes the normalization of the in-line inspection tools velocity profile and with that comes the steady and reliable collection of high-quality data. No sudden peaks or drops shows consistency and that allows the best integrity management decisions to be made.

Figure 2 – Velocity profile during a gas pipeline inspection

Low flow, low pressure? No flow, no pressure? Contact us today to learn more about our solution for getting better data collection in gas pipelines – regardless of the environment.

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