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Social Media Guideline

Below you will find our general guidelines for everyone involved in our social media channels, aimed at ensuring fair and objective dealings with each other.

Social media allows us to express ourselves and help shape the world. The more join in, the better; but this is also where it gets more and more complicated. When people meet – whether offline or online  experiences, ideas and feelings come together. Both inside and outside the company, we want to ensure respectful and appreciative interaction and a communication culture that reflects that.

The following principles apply to all the social media profiles maintained by the ROSEN Group. By interacting with us on any social media channel, you agree to these terms. We appreciate open discussions and look forward to your comments, stories and experiences. All external communication should be based on our company values and our code of conduct. Refer to our privacy policy to learn how we protect personal data.

The ROSEN Group reserves the right to remove any posts that are:

  • Written in any language other than English (or the respective language of the regional channel)
  • Indecent, obscene, pornographic, threatening, violent, discriminatory (personal, religious or gender related), racist, abusive, derogatory of third parties or, misleading
  • Violating of the rights of others (especially personal, copyright and ancillary copyright rights)
  • Any contribution in the form of links, text and/or images that are advertisements of third parties
  • Actions that adversely affect the proper functioning of [Respective Social Media Channel] and/or the ROSEN Group, as well as documents that contain harmful viruses, spam or like invites

Infringements will not remain without consequences. Content that violates laws and/or is likely to disturb the peace of the company or damage the ROSEN Group’s reputation when it becomes known may have consequences under labor/criminal law and civil law (damages). In such cases, content may also be deleted from the site.

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