Our eLearns have been designed to enable interactive and engaging learning about pipeline operation, inspection, integrity and risk. At the end of each course, you will be able to test your knowledge by completing a short quiz.


eLearns available in English:

Hydrates in Gas Pipelines

Provides an overview of formation, consequences and prevention of hydrates in gas pipelines.

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Corrosion Assessment

Gives an overview of corrosion assessments for pipelines and the ASME B31G standard.

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Basic Material Properties and Metallurgy

Provides an overview of material properties and metallurgy of carbon steel pipes.

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Ethics and Responsibilities for Engineers

Gives an overview of ethical duties and responsibilities in pipeline design and operation.

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Pipe Grades and Strength Properties

Provides an overview of pipe grades and strength properties as specified in API 5L.

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eLearns available in Spanish:

Apertura y cierre manual de valvulas de mano

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